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LUC The Hague has best teachers in The Netherlands

LUC has the best professors of the large university programmes in The Netherlands. Sharing the first place with University College Maastricht with 90/100 points, LUC scores significantly better than all other programmes. This year, next to the general Dutch university ranking, weekly magazine Elsevier introduced a special ranking for quality of education.

Elsevier rankings

In the general ranking, Leiden University College The Hague scored 75 points. This means the programme has been and has been awarded the “Elsevier beste keuze” quality seal once again. LUC was rated higher than the national average in most categories, such as organization and communication of the programme as well as type of examinations. Compared to other University Colleges in the Netherlands, this ranking puts LUC in 5th place. We want to congratulate University College Venlo on their first place in this ranking. 

Teachers at LUC

LUC scores highest in the Netherlands for the level of teaching and quality of its professors. Lieke Schreel, educational director of LUC, is very proud of this achievement and happy to score so well in teaching as it “simply is one of the most important components in an undergraduate programme like ours”. Schreel is “happy that students seem to really enjoy the hard work professors put into the classes. This is a big compliment to the LUC academic staff, who manage to do research and teach so well at the same time.” Dean of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs in The Hague prof. dr. Kutsal Yesilkagit is obviously proud of LUC: “it is great that one of the best programmes in The Netherlands is part of such a young and vibrant faculty in the new international student city of The Hague."

Community is key

Elsevier journalist Ruud Deijkers, who visited LUC to ‘uncover their secret’ recently, speaks highly of the role of LUC teachers within the community. They are both academic experts in their field and easily accessible mentors for the students. This, Deijkers argues, is  the key to the successful student- and study community at LUC.


In the future LUC aims to continue to be at the frontier of educational innovation. They are planning on expanding the programme to be even more globally encompassing by introducing new online student research SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) with universities such as Trinity College Dublin, Grinnell College in the US and Cape Town University. In addition, about 20 LUC students will join 4 professors on an interdisciplinary field course in Tanzania and Kenya coming January. “But,” Schreel adds, “we should not forget what brought us here: small-scale and intensive teaching, in a great community for students and professors!”

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