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Ahmad Al-Jallad wins Gratama Science Prize

Pre-Islamic Arabia was barren, barbaric, and isolated. At least, that's what many Arabic writers and historics argued. Ahmad Al-Jallad debunks this myth. For this, he received the Gratama Science Prize during the opening of the academic year.

The Gratama Science Prize is awarded each year to a young, excellent researcher working at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen or Leiden University, whose work is innovative, relevant for society and high profile. The Gratama Foundation works together with the Leiden University Fund.


Ahmad al-Jallad is one of the most promising young researchers of the Faculty of Humanities. Through his research and especially his work in building research infrastructure and networks, Ahmad Al-Jallad has already succeeded in making a significant impact on the field of Arabian studies and in making Leiden an important hub in the development of the field.

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