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Who gets your vote in the University elections? Meet the student parties

The University elections are taking place from 15 to 19 May. It's your chance to vote for who you think will best represent your interests in the Humanities Faculty Council. Meet the student parties!


Lead candidate: Jonathan Provoost, BA History

Jonathan Provoost: “We want more possibilities for self-development for active students by recording lectures and making them accessible online. Larger classes should be given in Dutch and English, so they are accessible for international students as well as Dutch students. We also focus on sustainability and want to look at the possibilities for solar panels on the roof of the faculty.” Read more about ONS

Party members for ONS

LVS Leiden

Lead candidate: Fu Zandy, BA Middle Eastern Studies

Fu Zandy: “We want to represent all students, not just those from larger studies such as History. We want to make sure that students from the smaller studies are heard. We don’t want small studies to be grouped together, but prefer that smaller studies remain small. We’re all for the internationalisation of the University, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of Dutch-speaking students.” Read more about LVS Leiden

Party members for LVS Leiden


Lead candidate: Nilab Mohammad, BA International Studies

Nilab Mohammad: “We stand for diversity, inclusivity and equality. We want to improve the connection between International Studies in The Hague and the Humanities Faculty in Leiden. Through the Faculty Council we want to get International Studies represented in the Faculty Board so that the voices and interests of humanities students in The Hague are heard. We also think that obstacles like language barriers and travel limitations for international students should be taken into consideration for using facilities in Leiden.”

Party members for ISP

CSL Leiden

Lead candidate: Charlotte Rijsdijk, BA History

Charlotte Rijsdijk: “The core of our programme is: tailor-made studying, accessible education and sustainability. There is too little attention for the individual student, especially in larger studies like History or International Studies. We want to improve that. We also the University to support students who want to study their master’s at the same university.” Lees meer over CSL Leiden

Party members for CSL Leiden

Want to meet the party members in person? They will be present all week in the Lipsius Building in Leiden and the Wijnhaven Building in The Hague.

How to vote?

You can vote by logging in with your ULCN account.

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