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Sustainable demolition of old labs under way

Leiden University has started the sustainable demolition of the old LCP building of the Faculty of Science.

In the first instance, little can be seen of the demolition because most of the work is inside.  The demolition is in advance of the second phase of the construction of the Gorlaeus building, the first stage of which was completed at the end of 2016, and is already in use by the faculty.

In stages

The demolition will start with the clearing of the LCP (the storage building and the Real Estate building). Once the asbestos has been safely removed, the so-called pre-demolition can begin, involving the dismantling and removal of all the non-brick material. After the summer break for construction workers, full-scale demolition will take place using a crane that will break the building into manageable sections. From October, the multistorey building will undergo the same treatment. All the demolition work will be completed by May 2019.

Sustainability first

Sustainability is a prime concern in Leiden University's real estate policies. This applies not only to new buildings but also to demolition work. Beelen, the company carrying out the demolition, works at the sustainability level of BREEAM Excellent, the second highest level of this international assessment system for the sustainability performance of buildings. The company achieves this level through the following measures: 

  • keeping the nuisance to the environment as low as possible
  • limiting CO2 emissions
  • recycling as much as possible by pulverising the rubble on location so that it can be reused in new buildings or in road foundations. 

Questions or complaints

For any questions or complaints regarding the demolition, please fill in the contact form on the project website. Please note: the form is in Dutch, but can be filled in in English. 

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