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New Honours Class: The Sounding City

After the Summerbreak the Honours Class entitled The Sounding City will be offered, in collaboration with ACPA and the Science Faculty. The class instructors will be Prof. Marcel Cobussen and Edwin van der Heide. They state that one of their main objectives for this course is "to develop awareness regarding the role and creation of sound, sound design and sounding art in public spaces".

What is the class about?

Sound is one of the most significant, yet least-discussed, aspects of public spaces in urban environments. Architects, engineers, and urban planners invariably stress the visual and tactile aspects of urban environments but often pay less or no attention to the aural consequences of their interventions; sound is often considered to be an inevitable by-product.

The course The Sounding City aims to increase the attention to the role of sound, sound design, and sounding art in urban spaces. Sound can be considered both as an epistemological tool and as an aesthetical instrument. Furthermore, the course will illustrate that sound can have social, political, ethical, and economic power.

The inaugural lecture of Prof. dr. Marcel Cobussen was the inspiration of the Honours Academy to ask Marcel Cobussen and Edwin van der Heide to develop an Honours Class in the field of auditory culture.

"The Sounding City is a typical ACPA elective through the constant dialogue between theory and practice, the mixing of creating and editing field recordings and the reflection on them " -Marcel Cobussen.

This interaction ensures that both the literature (on the role of sound and sound art, in particular, in urban public spaces), as well as the technical aspect (acoustics, timbre, recording techniques) and practice (making a soundtrack, recording and (re) Composing sounds) the student is aware of the acoustic component of our contemporary existence.

More information

For more information, go to the Studyguide

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