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Museum Night in Leiden all about time

The ninth Museum Night in Leiden will take place on Friday 19 May 2017. This year's theme will be 'About time'. Nine museums are taking part and the city centre will be brightly lit.

Museum Night in Leiden will kick off with a grand opening on the Beestenmarkt, after which visitors will make their way to the different museums. Specially for Museum Night, Naturalis will be present in the Academy Building. Taxidermist Becky Deshardins will give a live presentation on preparing a bee eater, a colourful bird that occasionally breeds in the Netherlands. 


In Japan Museum Siebold House, Professor Ivo Smits will talk about Japanese Buddhists' belief that time repeats itself. At the Museum of Ethnography, Jan Terlouw and his daughter Sanne will give a duo lecture on the theme of time. For those who prefer to look to the heavens, the Old Observatory is the place to be. The most fantastc views that the universe has to offer will be projected in the planetarium.

In vitro meat

Museum Night would not be complete without opportunities for relaxation and  amusement. Come to the Hortus Botanicus, and take part in a short yoga session until you feel completely Zen. At the Leiden and Area Heritage agency you can taste ice cream made completely of in vitro meat. And when the museums close their doors, the party still isn't over. Book a ticket for the after-party where you can dance to the hits of well-known bands Cleavage and Fijne Deuntjes!


You can buy your tickets from the website. You can also follow Museum Night on Facebook (Museumnacht Leiden).

About Museum Night

Museum Night in Leiden is organised by the Museum Night Leiden Foundation. A team of thirteen students from the Quintus student association works closely together with the Leiden museums. On the evening of 19 May the Hortus botanicus Leiden, the National Museum of Antiquities, the National Museum of Ethnicity, Japan Museum Siebold House, De Valk Windmill Museum, Leiden and Area Heritage agency, the Leiden Weavers' House Museum and Naturalis (in the Academy Building) will also open their doors. 

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