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Join the Sustainable Business Battle

Do you want to show that sustainability and business can work well together? And are you ready for a challenge? If so, you can sign up for the Sustainable Business Battle, a six-week business case challenge in which teams of students help companies find innovative and sustainable solutions.

The Sustainable Business Battle is an opportunity for interdisciplinary teams of students, five in each team, from Leiden University, the Hogeschool Leiden and the Haagse Hogeschool to work together on a business case put forward by a company in the Leiden or The Hague region. The fifteen teams compete with one another to come up with the most sustainable, innovative and at the same time feasible solution for the company's problem. Students who take part will receive training and coaching by consultants from Andersson Elffers Felix and from sustainability experts. The students will also have the opportunity to discuss relevant issues with Marjan Minnesma from the Urgenda Foundation and former politician and author Jan Terlouw.

Businesses are enthusiastic

Sarah Alford from the Leiden University Green Office is looking forward to the Battle. ‘We've found some big conpanies that want to put forward a business case, including Koninklijke Horeca Nederland and student housing agency DUWO. The University and the Municipality of Leiden will also be submitting a joint case.' The companies have responded enthusiastically to the initiative. ‘They were actually looking for a way of coming into contact with students who could help them with innovative solutions.'

Consultancy through sustainability

Alford wants to show students that they can have a real impact because the companies are keen to implement their solutions. She also hopes that the Sustainable Business Battle will put sustainability on the radar of students who would otherwise not really be engaged with the issue. 'It's about resolving a business case, just as in the consultancy world, but from the perspective of sustainability. Sustainability isn't just for hippies!' 

Local approach, global impact

The idea for the Sustainable Business Battle Leiden-The Hague came about at the opening of the Leiden University Green Office. The first attempt was made by the Green Office and the Minerva student association, but now all five of the biggest student associations, as well as a number of partners in the region, who are involved with sustainability, have joined in the initiative. The organisations involved in the Sustainable Business Battle want to show students in the Leiden-The Hague region that business and sustainability work well together, and that regardless of their study programme or background they can play a role in finding sustainable solutions. The Leiden-The Hague Sustainable Business Battle distinguishes itself from other similar projects because of its regional approach: complex, global problems are translated into a concrete solution for our Leiden-The Hague region. 

Want to take part?

The Sustainable Business Battle starts on 13 May. Students who are interested in taking part can sign up via the Sustainable Business Battle Leiden – The Hague website. You'll meet your team on the kick-off dag on 13 May. The final of the Battle is on Friday 23 June.

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