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Study association LIFE wins competition student surveys

Students from the programmes Life Science & Technology filled out the most National Student Surveys (NSE) out of all Leiden Science students, the assessor announced on 16 March in the Science Club.

4500 biscuits for the Faculty

Through the NSE, students share their opinions about various aspects of their study programmes, such as content, teachers, teaching methods and communication. Results of the NSE go directly to the university, so that study programmes can be improved accordingly. The opinions of students are important; therefore, the Faculty of Science promised to treat students to biscuits when response rates would  reach 45 percent. The students succeeded: 45.3 percent of the Science students filled out this year's NSE, so the Faculty will be handing out 4500 biscuits shortly. The response rate of Leiden University as a whole was 36.8 percent. Assessor Maxim Allaart: 'We can be a little proud of ourselves.'

Response rates for NSE for Faculty of Science study associoations

Battle of the study associations

The five Faculty of Science study associations stopped by at at courses, emailed their members and used their social media platforms to get their students to fill out as many surveys as possible. For the longest time, they were neck and neck. But in the end, LIFE ended up at 48.5 procent, thereby beating De Leidsche Flesch (45.8 percent), the Leidse Biologen Club (44.9 percent), Aesculapius (44.0 percent) and Chemisch Dispuut Leiden (42.0 percent).

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