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Wanted: artists, scientists and all creatives in between

On 16 September 2017 the fifth edition of the Night of Arts & Sciences will take place in the city of Leiden. This is your chance to showcase your own work at the festival!

The Night of Arts & Sciences is an annual festival that aims to popularise and connect the world of sciences with art and culture. Visitors can attend a wide range of performances and listen to speakers at ten different locations within the historic city centre of Leiden. The festival is a platform for many different kinds of acts that connect science to the arts: dance, lectures, artworks, music, experiments, etc. Would you like to contribute to the Night of Arts & Sciences with your idea? If so, send us your proposal and you might have the chance to present your work!

Leiden is home to the oldest university in the Netherlands; it is the birthplace of the famous painter Rembrandt, and Einstein did part of his research here. It seems logical to honour Leiden’s cultural and scientific heritage through an arts and sciences festival. Last year 4,000 visitors came to the festival and we are aiming for that number again this year.

‘The Night’ shows visitors that both artists and scientists are important to understand the world around us. Arts and sciences can offer us a mirror or can open doors that are normally closed to us. Throughout history, scientists have been inspired by artists and the reverse is also true. That is exactly what we want to show during the Night of Arts & Sciences

Deadline and more information

The deadline to send in your proposal is 19 May. More information and proposal requirements can be found on the website of The Night of Arts & Sciences (in Dutch).

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