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Leiden Celebrates Einstein’s Birthday

Exactly 138 years ago, Albert Einstein came into this world to forever change our understanding of it. The Leiden physics institute, where he frequently worked, organised a symposium in honor of his birthday.

March 14 is a special day for science enthusiasts. First of all, 3/14 gives the first three digits of the number π, evoking people to wish each other happy π-day. And as if the Universe has intended it, on this date Albert Einstein first saw the light which he later came to study so carefully. In honor of this memorable day, the Leiden physics institute organised a symposium for high school teachers and students.

The program consisted of four lectures by physics professors and two rounds of lab visits. The lectures were all related to Einstein’s work: theory of relativity, photon detection, black holes and quantum entanglement. Lab visits were organised all around the science faculty building to offer the participants a variety of options, including the Cell Observatory, the Kamerlingh Onnes lab, the mobile planetarium and the department of fine mechanics.

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