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Accessibility of Academy Building

Leiden University's Academy Building (Rapenburg 73) will be less accessible for traffic and pedestrians on 28, 29 and 30 March because of filming by the BBC along the Rapenburg. Filming will only take place in public areas, not in the University buildings themselves. Some roads may be closed off to facilitate the filming, which means that there are likely to be traffic restrictions. Please bear this in mind when planning your travel time.

The actual filming will take place on Wednesday 29 March; on Tuesday and Thursday the Leiden municipality will be carrying out particular activities to make the filming possible. Traffic along different parts of the Rapenburg will be blocked during these three days. Emergency services will be able to reach the Academy Building at all times during this period. 

Tuesday 28 March

Possible traffic obstructions because of preparatory work by the municipality: removing street furnishings along the Rapenburg between the Nonnen bridge and the Doelen bridge, and around the Doelen bridge. The bicycle racks opposite the Academy Building will be removed for the filming and temporary bicycle  racks will be placed opposite Rapenburg 89.

Wednesday 29 March

Between 8:00-10:00 hrs: filming between the Doelensteeg and the main entrance to the Academy Building at Rapenburg 73. Traffic will be blocked between the Doelen bridge and the Nonnen bridge apart from for people whose destination is one of the buildings in the area. Visitors to the Academy Building coming from the north side of the Rapenburg (Kort Rapenburg/Noordeinde) will be directed to the Academy Building via the rear of the Groenhazengracht or Doelensteeg/Doelengracht. The Academy Building will be accessible from the south side of the Rapenburg (Kaiserstraat). On Wednesday there will be a temporary road block with traffic controllers from the Nonnensteeg, Kloksteeg and Rapenburg on both sides - only while filming is taken place level with the Kaiserstraat.

Between 10:00-13:00 hrs: filming along the Rapenburg, from (approx) number 71 in the direction of the Doelensteeg/ Doelenbrug. Temporary traffic restrictions along the Rapenburg between the Groenhazengracht and Rapenburg 65 with traffic controllers (only during recording). Visitors to the Academy Building coming via the Groenhazengracht/Doelengracht will be directed to the Academy Building via the rear entrance. 

Between 13:00 and 22:00 hrs: brief filming along the Rapenburg between the Doelen bridge and Nonnen bridge. From 15:00 hrs visitors from the south side of the Rapenburg (Kaiserstraat) will have normal access to the Academy Building. Visitors coming from the north side (Rapenburg/Noordeinde) will be directed via the Doelengracht.

Thursday 30 March

Possible traffic obstructions until 15.00 hrs because of work by the Leiden municipality: replacing street furniture and cycle racks along the Rapenburg between the two bridges and around the Doelen bridge.

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