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ACPA trainees for the Research Traineeship Programme

On Friday 16 December the Research Traineeship Programme of the Faculty of Humanities opened officially.

The Programme

The Faculty of Humanities offers motivated students the opportunity to develop themselves in the academic research. In December 2016 nine research projects start and two research trainees have been recruited for each project. These research trainees work on their project for one day a week and they are supervised by two researchers from the scientific staff. 

‘(Re)positioning modern concert music in contemporary society.’

ACPA is very proud that one of their research projects has been selected for this traineeship. Researchers Friederike Pank and Jan Nieuwenhuis will be researching the following thesis: ‘(Re)positioning modern concert music in contemporary society.’

For several years, contemporary composed music has been critiqued among others by funds, sponsors, and festival organizers for having lost contact with their audiences. This music has increasingly become a pursuit of a privileged, well-situated, and higher educated public, and is most often confined to the elitist space of concert halls (Small 1998; Kramer 2007; Johnson 2011). The research question resulting from this briefly sketched context is one that is both theoretical and practical: how can contemporary performance practices be restructured, first to engage a broader audience and second to increase societal importance?

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