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NWO tenure track grant in arithmetic algebraic geometry

Within the context of the four national mathematics clusters, NWO has awarded seven proposals for tenure track positions. One of these was on 'Moduli, metrics, models, and arithmetic of Shimura varieties' by Bas Edixhoven from the Leiden Mathematical Institute.

The researchers in mathematics in the Netherlands have united their forces in four clusters: GQT, NDNS+, STAR and DIAMANT, which each covers a part of mathematics. The proposal by Professor Edixhoven belongs to both the GQT and DIAMANT cluster. It is on arithmetic algebraic geometry: the study of solution sets of systems of 'polynomial equations'. Polynomial equations are generalizations of the familiar quadratic equation of high school. The research program is fundamental in nature, but has applications in mathematical physics, cryptography and coding.

The grant allows to attract an assistant professor, and a PhD student to work with the new professor.

The Mathematical Institute is represented in all four clusters, and is currently the coordinator of the DIAMANT cluster. It is also the coordinator of the international master programme Algant, which is closely related to the new research programme.

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