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Over 700 visitors at the Leiden Humanities Master’s Day

Students from Londen, Amsterdam and Leiden visited presentations and talked to students, tutors and alumni to find out more about the Master’s Programmes Leiden University has to offer.

Habon from Alkmaar and Yusra from London visited African Studies

Habon currently studies European Studies in The Hague and Yusra studies Politics in London. “We decided to visit the Master’s Information Day to find out more about the MA in African Studies. By visiting the presentation and talking to students and tutors at the Information Market we’re hoping to learn more about the content of the degree as well as job prospects.” Asked about what they think of Leiden as a place to study, they said: “We really like Leiden, it’s very cute!”


Jelle from Leiden and Rick from Maastricht visited Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

“The main reasons we’re visiting the Master’s Information Day is to talk to students and recent alumni from PPE. The website gives you a lot of information, but talking to students gives us a much better idea of what it’s really like to study this degree. We’re currently studying Political Science and Liberal Arts, so we’re hoping to use this Master’s degree as a specialisation to enhance our prospects on the job market.”


Laura from Leiden and Sanne from Waddinxveen are talking to Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator Atse Fokkens

Laura and Sanne are both second year’s International Studies students at Leiden University. “We decided to visit the Information Market at the Master’s Information Day to find out more about minors and which we should choose for the Master’s degrees we’re interested in.” They also asked Atse for his advice on internships. “We’re both specialised in Russian studies, so we are hoping to do an internship in Russia.”


Lars from Amsterdam visited International Relations

“I am currently doing a Master’s degree in Social Geography, but since I’m only 22 I would like to study another Master’s before I start a job. I’d like to study International Relations and Leiden is the only university offering a February entry. Today I’m hoping to find out a little bit more about the degree before I apply.”

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