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Open Day: ‘What do I want to study?’

Almost 7,000 prospective students came to Leiden last Saturday to visit the Open Day. They came from all corners of the Netherlands and even from abroad to start the process of choosing a degree programme. At the Information Fair in the Pieterskerk they were able to ask students and study advisers all their questions about the content and future prospects of the different programmes. Six prospective students talk about the questions they wanted to have answered.

Daan (Haarlem) wants to know more about Archaeology

‘I'm fascinated by everything historical. What you learn in Archaeology you can put into practical use and I like the fact that it's practical and hands-on. I wanted to know what kind of jobs graduates of Archaeology do. It's great that 90% of them work within the discipline, or do fieldwork or work for museums.' 

Veronique (Delft) came to check out Astronomy

‘I most want to know what the differences are between Physics and Astronomy because the two programmes have a lot of subjects in common. For me, the Universe is interesting because it's huge, unknown and infinite. It's got no borders. Actually, I think I'll go for Astronomy.' 

Rogier (Zeist) wants to know about the History programme

‘Right from junior school I've been mad about history. I've always read a lot of history books and looked up historical things online. I also like writing and making presentations. I'm pretty sure history is the right think for me, but I want to find out today how the programme is built up and where the lectures are held. I went to a trial lecture and it was really interesting.' 

Puck (Haarlem) wants to study at LUC The Hague

‘I studied English in Canada over the summer and I really like the language, so I'm going to do an English-language programme. I like the international aspect of Leiden University College The Hague and the fact that you study and live together. That makes it a real community! I've found a lot of data on line and now I want to get some first-hand information, about what subjects you can choose, for example.' 

Ivan (Aruba) is interested in BioPharmaceutical Sciences

‘I want to know what students think is the most interesting part of the programme and what kind of work you can find once you've graduated. How does it differ from other science studies? My interests are technical and medical and I'm looking for an in-depth programme. My most important question today is:  'What do I want to study?' 

Selina (British School, Oegstgeest) has heard about the new Arts, Media & Society programme

‘A student has just given me a short explanation of the programme, and I'm really enthusiastic about it. What I like about it is that it's got so many different aspects; it's not just about art and art history, but also takes in the relation with other forms of media and their impact on society. I'm now off to the presentation by the department where I'll learn how the programme is built up and what subjects you take.' 

Student for a day or Taster Day?

Do you want to know more about a particular programme? No problem!  At the end of November you can take part in a Taster Day, when you'll take an active part in lectures and tutorials, join in practical sessions and get to know students and lecturers.  Check out the programme  on the website for the study you're interested in. If you can't come to the Taster Day, you can be a student for a day instead! A student will take you around and show you the ropes. Look at the website to see when there are student for a day dates at your chosen programme. 

More information at Studying in Leiden.

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