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Open Day: two new English-taught bachelor’s programmes

Two new English-taught Bachelor’s programmes ‘Arts, Media & Society’ and ‘Philosophy’ were presented at the Open Day on 15 October. They start next year. Prospective students tell us why they came to the Open Day.

Selina (British School, Oegstgeest) had just heard about the new programme Arts, Media & Society

‘A student just gave me a brief description of the programme. I’m really enthusiastic already. I like that there are various aspects to it: it’s not just about art and art history but more about their relationship with other forms of media and their impact on society. I’m going to go to the presentation to find out about the exact structure of the programme and which subjects it involves.’

Maciaj (final year of secondary school, Poland) is interested in Philosophy

‘I’m interested in the new programme in Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives, but also in Leiden’s Liberal Arts & Sciences programme in The Hague. What I really want to find out is which programme will suit me best. I’m looking for a programme that brings together different insights, opinions and knowledge from all around the world. I was surprised that there were no entry requirements for Philosophy. British universities have them, for instance, very strict ones. To find out whether I can see myself studying here, I want to ask students what a day in the life of a Philosophy student.’

We also interviewed visitors who had come to find out about other programmes. Rogier from Zeist, for example.

Rogier (HBO in Communication, Zeist) is interested in the History programme

‘I’ve been passionate about history since primary school. I’ve always read lots of books and spent loads of time looking for things online. I also like writing and presenting, which makes History the ideal programme for me. What I want to find out today is about the structure of the programme and where the classes are taught. I went to a taster lecture and found it really interesting.’

About the Open Day

Almost 7,000 prospective students came to Leiden from all over the country and even abroad for the Open Day last Saturday. They wanted to start considering their options. The students and study advisors at the Information Market in the Pieterskerk were there to answer their questions and tell them more about the degree programmes and their future prospects.

Student for a Day

If you want to find out more about a specific degree programme, you can be Student for a Day at the end of November. You get to attend lectures, seminars and practicals and chat to students and lecturers. See the website for what is scheduled for the programme that you are interested in. If you are unable to attend, you could try student shadowing instead. Here you get to shadow a student for a day. See the website for details on the next student shadowing day for the programme that you are interested in.

More information on www.bachelors.leiden.edu

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