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Delft University of Technology in The Hague

Leiden University (UL), the Delft University of Technology (TU), and Erasmus University in Rotterdam (EUR), have been working together on a wide variety of terrains in research, education and valorisation.

This cooperation was further strengthened and formalised in 2012 as the strategic alliance Leiden-Delft-Erasmus. The mission of the alliance is: working together to combine the expertise that each university has to contribute to the current scientific, societal and economic issues. The three universities offer several combined educational programmes and work together on topics such as Big Data, security and sustainability on a regular basis.  

Since 2012, the Delft University of Technology also has offices in Stichthage, and they will also have offices in the Wijnhaven complex once these are opened. In the second semester of the academic year of 2016/2017 they will offer at location Wijnhaven the Minor Security, Safety and Justice and the Master Engineering and Policy Analysis together with Leiden University.  

Cyber Security Academy

Another project in which Leiden University works together with the Delft University of Technology is the Cyber Security Academy, in which the two universities work together with The Hague University of Applied Sciences to bundle their knowledge and expertise on Cyber Security in the scientific foundation Cyber Security Academy the Hague (CSA). The CSA is an initiative of the municipality of the Hague in which scientists, professors, and teachers work together with experts from the public and private sector to translate their knowledge into multidisciplinary educational programmes for professionals.  

Besides the scientific executive Master’s programme Cyber Security, the CSA organises several open programmes such as (short-term) courses, workshops, training sessions and master classes.


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