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International Conference on "Contemporary Issues in Air & Space Laws"

The Univerisity of Sharjah organises a conference on February 22-23, 2017 ; Call for papers has started.


Air travel has become both suitable and relatively inexpensive allowing passengers to travel to more places then ever before. Indeed, air travel is considered a fundamental aspect of modern life. The Air transport industry is a transnational one generating billions of dollars in revenue, employing millions of people, and involving many countries worldwide. The present global economy, however, has sparked a continuous debate about the evolution of air law and continues to place great pressure to develop new ideas that may have significant effects on civil aviation.

There is a growing need to regulate space activities as more countries establish and expand space programs. The nature of space activities has changed from state-governed into private enterprises that have created several challenges to space law as well. International and national initiatives and laws will have to cope with these recent developments and fill any regulatory gaps.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the leading countries in air and space industry as it home to one of the largest airports in the world and international airlines such as Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline, and Air Arabia. Furthermore, the UAE space program led to successful launch of several satellites and many to come.

In light of these developments and challenges, the University of Sharjah College of Law, a pioneer institution providing legal education in the UAE, is organizing an international conference to address these issues at the national and international levels. It is hoped that the outcomes of the conference, through presentations and discussions, will inform policymakers on the solutions to many of the challenges the air and space industries face.

Research Tracks

We welcome contributions – theoretical, empirical, or inter-disciplinary- on any of these issues including:

1) Liability and insurance in the field of air and space laws
2) Economic aspects of air and space laws (such as competition and antitrust, liberalization of air transport, and airline merger)
3) Regulation of launching space objects
4) Rules of international law governing air and space
5) Efforts by United Arab Emirates in air and space activities (efforts of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority and UAE Space Agency)
6) Settlement of disputes in light of air and space laws (practical application at the national and international levels)

Those who are interested in presenting a paper on any of the above research tracks must send an abstract of 600 words maximum (in Arabic, English, or French) along with a short biographical note on or before October 23, 2016. Decisions on acceptance would be communicated by October 30, 2016. A full length paper of 6,000 - 8,000 words must be sent by November 20, 2016. The conference committee will explore several avenues to publish papers presented at the conference.

Last date for submission of an abstract        October 23, 2016

Last date for submission of full paper           November 20, 2016

Submission should be emailed to                    Mrs. Amna Shemal
Administrative Assistance                                   Mrs. Bahiya Alhossani

Conference Date                                                        February 22-23, 2017

Conference Venue                                                    College of Law M2

Conference fees                                                       US $250

The organizers will cover transportation including flights, accommodation, and meals for participants. However, participants must register to present and pay the registration fees.


  • University of Sharjah, College of Law
  • UAE General Civil Aviation Authority
  • UAE Space Agency
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