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Crowdfunding for a knowledge hub

The Lorentz Center has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to renovate the common room, the place where researchers can exchange new ideas. The common room will be renovated in the autumn of 2016, at a cost of € 15,000.

Good research starts with good coffee

After 20 years, the common room needs to be refurbished. The idea is  to strike a balance between science and relaxation - two new coffee machines will be installed along with a large sofa, a larger table, small discussion desks and a blackboard wall - while retaining the  unique, relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Lorentz Center.

Exchanging knowledge

The Lorentz Center organizes international workshops in all scientific disciplines, focusing on creating an informal and comfortable environment that encourages open interactions. The common room is a crucial element in this endeavour. The idea behind it is that scientific progress flourishes in informal discussions over drinks in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Any researcher from any country can organize a workshop in any scientific field(s), and all proposals are assessed by an advisory board. Each workshop is provided with a basic budget from  the Lorentz Center, while the Lorentz Centre itself is funded by Leiden University and the Dutch science foundations NWO, FOM, STW and KNAW.

In 2016, the Lorentz Center will host 78 workshops that typically last 5 days. The Lorentz Center offers a choice of two venues in the Oort and Snellius buildings of the Faculty of Science, on the Leiden Bio Science Park. Each location has a lecture hall, meeting rooms and a common room.

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