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Alumni House for Leiden alumni

Ankie Broekers-Knol, President of the Dutch Senate and Leiden alumna, opened the new Alumni House at Rapenburg 68 on 5 September. The Alumni House, next door to the Old University Library, where the University's Administration and General Services are located, is the new home of the Leiden University Fund and the Alumni Office of Leiden University.

The opening of the new Alumni House symbolises a closer collaboration between the Leiden University Fund and the Alumni Office. The two teams have much in common: both are committed to making a contribution to the personal and professional development of alumni, and to strengthening the bond between University and alumni. The Leiden University Fund will maintain its position as an independent body.


The shared premises will also strengthen the visibility of the two organisations for alumni. There is now one location for the staff of the Alumni Bureau and the LUF; alumni are always assured of a warm welcome there. For special occasions there is also a dedicated Alumni Room with furniture from the Snouck Hurgronje house further along the Rapenburg, where the Leiden University Fund was previously housed. The LUF is intending to dispose of this property.


The aim of the Alumni Office at Leiden University is to strengthen the bond with the University's alumni. Alumni are important ambassadors and they contribute to the success of the University with their time, talent and network. The Alumni Office maintains contact with alumni through the alumni magazine Leidraad, newsletters and social media, and organises activities for alumni, including coaching caf├ęs, master classes and workshops.

125 years

The Leiden University Fund has contributed to the flourishing of the University since 1890. Donations from Leiden alumni and the yield on assets makes it possible for LUF to support projects by students, PhD candidates and professors. The Fund has contributed to the excellent research carried out at Leiden University for over 125 years. The LUF also organises activities for alumni, such as the  Dies Natalis for alumni in February and the Cleveringa meetings around 26 November.

The photo shows Lilian Visscher (Director of the Alumni Office) and Siep Wijsenbeek (Director of the Leiden University Fund) in front of the Alumni House at Rapenburg 68.

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