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Understanding Asia better

There are numerous ways in which Asia and the West influence one another. Having a good understanding of the countries of Asia and their inhabitants improves the contacts between these two world regions. Leiden experts have studied Asia for decades from the perspective of different disciplines. Read more about this leading-edge work in the research dossier on Asia.

Relations with Asia

We have a lot to do with Asia, as does Asia with us: we go on holiday to China and Thailand, we practise yoga and tai chi and our smartphones are made there. The better we understand our Asian counterparts and their culture and past, the smoother our exchanges in the fields of economics, culture and politics will be. It also has an important impact on areas ranging from trade missions to the dialogue on human rights. These are some of the reasons why Leiden scientists conduct research on how people live in Asia.

Complex and diverse continent

To be able to comment on such a complex and diverse continent, Leiden scientists hone in on local situations. They study specific issues and places. They look, for example, at the legal position of women in Indonesia, the role of traditions in modern China, or at the reasons why Japanese authors – even in the 20th century – often still choose not to write in their own language. Our scientists use the insights from their research to construct a clearer and more complete image of people and societies in Asia.

Go to the research dossier on Asia.

Researchers from different disciplines at Leiden University work together towards a safe, healthy, sustainable, prosperous and just world. Read more in our research dossiers.

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