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UNconference The Hague: Change for peace

What are you going to do for peace and justice? What will your contribution be to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals? And who or what do you need to make sure your idea has impact? Come to Humanity House in The Hague on 21 September.

Ideas lab

Humanity House and HagueTalks are organising a UNconference The Hague on the International Day of Peace, where ideas will be assembled, heard, discussed and put into action.

The UNconference is an ideas lab. There is no agenda and no topics are decided in advance, but are determined by you and the other participants at the start of the event. And no distinction is made between experts and participants; everyone can learn from and inspire one another. 

Please note:  there is only room for around 100 students.

Join peacemakers from all parts of the world

You can take part in this event if you have an idea that you've been mulling over for some time and that you would like to share with other people. But you can also take part to gain inspiration, to share thoughts with others and to meet international peacemakers, students, intellectuals and doers.  At the end of the day the new ideas that are developed will be shared worldwide via the HagueTalks platform, so that others can connect with them.

Register now for the UNconference The Hague

Admission to the UNconference is free, in exchange for your active participation. You can register by sending in your name and address, your study programme, your suggestion to get peace and justice moving and a brief motivation. Send your input to: aanmelden@humanityhouse.org.

21 September, 12.00-18.00 hrs.
Humanity House
Prinsegracht 8
2512 GA Den Haag

Just Peace Festival

De UNconference is onderdeel van het Just Peace-festival in Den Haag, waarbij de Internationale Dag van de Vrede van 21 tot 25 september door de hele stad gevierd wordt. Bekijk alle activiteiten van het festival en doe ook mee!

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