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Finale Student and City film competition in Leiden

What makes Leiden the best student city in the Netherlands? This was the question students were invited to answer in films about their city. The winner will be announced on 29 June in the Schouwburg in Leiden.

Money and exposure

A specialist jury will award 2,000 euros to the best film. The film will also be used to market Leiden as the best student city in the Netherlands. Leiden students have been busy in recent months making lots of films, the best of which will be shown in the finale. The jury is made up of Martijn Bulthuis, Director of Leiden Marketing; Marjolein Zaal, Head of Management and Communication at the Municipality of Leiden; Ivo Wever, General Manager of the Leiden International Film and Andrej Josic, chairman of LAKS.

Representative of Leiden

The members of the jury will all judge the films based on their own field of expertise, which means that only the most broadly representative film will win. Alderman Robert Strijk (Student Affairs) will present the cheque to the winning team. The finale will also see the launch of &Cultuur: a culture card that will give students cheaper access to Leiden's rich cultural life. 

Finale evening

The finale is free for anyone who would like to attend. The doors of the Leiden Schouwburg will open at 20.30 hours and the audience will be welcomed by local band ‘An Apple a Day’. The aim of the organisers in opening the event to everyone living in Leiden is to bring students and city closer together.

The film competition is an initiative of the Student and City covenant, a partnership between the Municipality of Leiden, Leiden Marketing and the Local Chamber of Associations (PKvV).



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