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Presale tickets for the Night of Art and Knowledge

On Saturday 17 September Leiden will once again be the setting of the Night of Art and Knowledge. Come along and enjoy a fascinating mix of knowledge, theatre, music and art in the museums and academic locations such as the Hortus botanicus. Tickets are now on sale.

Night lectures by leading scientists

The Night of Art and Knowledge works closely with Leiden University. Apart from the fact that acadmic locations like the Hortus botanicus are opening their doors, many Leiden professors and scientists are also taking part. Ionica Smeets (science communication), for example, will be giving a lecture, and Rob Zwijnenberg (art history), Judi Mesman (upbringing and diversity), Arnold Tukker (circular economy) and Patrick Rensen (obesity and the role of brown fat) will share their discoveries with the public.

From kiss to biodata

Young researchers, students and designers will share their findings in interactive exhibits. The E.E.G Kiss installation by art duo Lancel/Maat uses E.E.G. headsets to translate a kiss between two visitors into biodata. You are not only the test subject here – the artists will also help you analyse the scan data to help you learn more about cerebral processes during a kiss. It all sounds most promising!

Opera on the Higgs particle

Composer and musician Maarten Ornstein will also be presenting Creator/Destroyer, an opera set in CERN, the Swiss research centre where the Higgs particle was discovered. The participating artists and performers work together with academics who can give an academic perspective to the shows. One of the aims of the Night is to encourage collaboration between the arts and the sciences. Alongside various acts, the programme includes experiments, mini lectures, talk shows and music. The work of creative young talent will also be showcased.

Specially for alumni

Have you graduated recently, or maybe that was some years ago?  Alumni are invited to the Leiden University Alumni Event prior to the Night of Art and Knowledge. Specially for all alumni, the rooms and garden of the Faculty Club will be open from 15.00 hrs. for drinks, a dinner, activities and a sneak preview of the evening’s top performances. The event costs 22.50 euros and includes an all-in ticket so you can visit the Night of Art and Knowledge after the event.

Read more about the Leiden Alumni Event.

Ticket sales have started! There is a special presale price of €17.50. Will you be there on 17 September?

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