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Universitaire verkiezingen: Get out to vote!

This week, from the 9th until the 13th of May, the university elections will take place. As a member of the university staff, you may vote on the parties of staff representatives.

Who are you voting for? The universities’ website describes the right to representation as follows: ‘‘the right to have a voice in matters, and to be able to influence the decision our outcome.’’
Here you can read more about the tasks of the university council. When the university council is organized well and represents the majority vote, this reflects positively on the functioning of our university. All the more reason to vote!

Of course, it is of high importance that our faculty is well represented in the university council. There are currently two candidates from FGGA on the list:
Charlotte de Roon, number 2 of the list PhDoc. A considerable part of our scientific staff consists of PhD candidates, post-docs and other ‘early-age’ scientists. PhDoc considers it of high importance that this group is able to voice its opinion in the Executive Board.

Sofie Delpeut is at number 4 of the list ‘Universitair Belang’. This party represents the overall interests of the staff members and focuses on the quality of education, research, and university management.

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