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Leiden staff make their mark at Labour Law Conference in Stockholm

On 19 and 20 May an international labour law conference is taking place in Stockholm. The theme is ‘New Foundations of Labour Law in the Globalised Market Economy’.

The conference is the conclusion of the research programme Regulating Markets and Labour (Re Mark Lab) that was funded by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Work Life and Welfare. The programme leader is Professor Niklas Bruun who is also affiliated to the European Labour Law Network (ELLN), established in Leiden.

Several members of staff from the Department of Labour Law have a role to play at the conference. Professor P.F. van der Heijden will deliver a lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility and fundamental labour standards. Professor B. Barentsen will present a paper on the private enforcement of collective labour agreements in the temporary employment agency sector. In addition, PhD student Qiuyin Hu will discuss her paper dealing with safety conditions in the construction sector in China.

The main themes of the conference are precarious work, new forms of labour mobility and the significance of fundamental international labour standards.

More information about the conference

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