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Leiden Ranking published

Each year, the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) publishes the Leiden Ranking, a ranking of universities according to the quality of their academic research. The ranking focuses on medical and scientific research.


If we look at the proportion of publications in the top 10% of all universities, we see that the American Rockefeller University is most frequently cited. Utrecht University, in 55th place, has the best score of the Dutch universities. Leiden University comes 74th in the world.

Top 1% and top 50%

If we look at the proportion of publications in the top 1%, Leiden University takes 110th place and is sixth of the Dutch universities. On this criterion, Delft, in 42th place, is the highest Dutch university. Leiden takes 32nd place for the proportion of publications in the top 50% and is thus first in the Netherlands.


Alongside impact, the Leiden Ranking also provides information on collaboration between universities, both nationally and internationally. Of the publications by Leiden University, 83.1% are the result of collaboration with one or more other institutions, and foreign institutions are involved in 56.3% of these. 

Leiden Ranking

The Leiden Ranking ranks universities according to the impact of their scientific work. The Ranking is fully transparent and is based only on objective data on publications and citations. As in previous years, website visitors can see how many publications from a certain university are in the top 1%, 10% or 50% of a certain field.

The Leiden Ranking can be found on this website.

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