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Bone bingo and telescopes during Museum Night

The strangest things come out at night. This is the motto of the Leiden Museum Night due to take place on 28 May. Leiden University is once again playing a key part.

Word art and cabaret in the Hortus

Word artist and calligraphist Hans Schutterbeld  will create a letter artwork live in the Hortus, inspired by the plants and the visitors. Cabaret pair HUN will give a performance with songs, absurd interludes and here and there an ad hoc dance. Finally, the café will be open and there will be half-hour tours of the Hortus.

Naturalis in Academy Building

Specially for this Museum Night Naturalis will be coming to the city centre with a dino programme in the Academy Building. Visitors will learn to tell fiction from fact in dino films, and anyone who takes part in the Bone bingo will have the chance of winning one of the competition prizes.

Chalk portraits and music in the Observatory

Visitors to the Old Observatory can have their portrait made in chalk, using an unusual technique based on gravity. Singer Julia van der Marck will provide the musical entertainment for the evening in the Observatory. Visitors can, of course, also take a look through the telescopes. If the visibility is not ideal, you can still view the galaxies projected in the Meridian lounge. Astronomers will also be on hand to answer all your burning questions.

About the Museum Night

The Leiden Museum Night is an annual event where the city's museums open their doors in the evening; each museum has its own programme. Students from A.L.S.V. Quintus started the Museum Night in 2009 and still organise the event today, under the flag of the Leiden Museum Night Foundation.


Tickets for the evening and a programme with details of all the events can be found via the site of the Leiden Museum Night.

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