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Heather Field: Visiting Professor

Hastings College of the Law and Leiden Law School have a longstanding exchange programme. Each year students participate in the existing student exchange programmes. Likewise professors from Hastings College of Law have been visiting Leiden Law School and vice versa.

Heather Field is a Professor of Law aw at Hastings College of the Law (University of California). UC Hastings was founded in 1878 as the law department of the University of California and, as such, was the first UC law school and the first law school in California.

About Heather Field

Professor Heather Field graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, BS Biochemistry (1997) and Harvard Law School, JD (2000). She joined the UC Hastings faculty in 2006, following six years of practice as a tax lawyer at Latham & Watkins LLP in Los Angeles. Her practice focused on the. federal taxation of corporations and partnerships and involved advising clients on the tax aspects of mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, restructurings, joint ventures, securities offerings, financial products, and structured finance transactions. Professor Field teaches courses in taxation, and her research interests include tax elections, the role of choice in the tax law, and the effect of tax law on businesses and on business transactions.

Financial Basics for Lawyers

During her stay in Leiden (semester 2, block IV), Professor Field will teach a course on Financial Basics for Lawyers. This course will introduce students to fundamental business, economic, and finance concepts that lawyers need to know in order to advise their clients effectively in a wide variety of practice areas. Topics include time value of money; the relationship between risk and return; and how lawyers in a wide variety of practice areas use an understanding of these topics to help advance their clients’ objectives. Additional topics include equity, debt, and other financial instruments; accounting and financial statements; public markets and the U.S. (and global) financial system; and introductions to U.S. corporate and securities laws.

For more information please contact the Office for International Education, Anette van Sandwijk.

Henk Vording visiting Professor at Hastings Law School

During the Spring Semester of 2015 (January-April) Henk Vording will be a visiting professor at Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. 


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