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Upcoming exhibitions, residencies, concerts, record launches and lectures by PhDArts, docARTES and ACPA researchers

Activities of Magda Dourado Pucci, Dick de Graaf, Henri Bok, Catalina Vicens, Patrizia Bovi, k.g. Guttman, Andrea Stultiens, and Lilo Nein

Magda Dourado Pucci

ACPA researcher Magda Dourado Pucci's a capella group Macawa will perform and record works of French composer Philippe Kadosch.

  • 5 March 2016 – SESC Santos, Santos, Brazil
  • 12 March 2016 – Casa de Francisca, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 8 & 13 March 2016 – recording sessions for the CD Citta Invisible

Magda Pucci will teach classes on Indigenous Music and African Music at Singularidades Institut, São Paulo.

  •  10, 17, 23 & 31 March 2016 – Singularidades Institut Pós-Graduação, São Paulo, Brazil

Dick de Graaf

docARTES researcher Dick de Graaf is guest soloist with Dick Verbeeck's jazz trio.

Also, Dick de Graaf's Clazz Ensemble will play the programme “Monk Inside Out”.

Henri Bok

ACPA researcher Henri Bok and the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Alfonso Scarano, will perform the première of the Bass Clarinet Concerto that Italian composer Paolo Ugoletti composed especially for him, incorporating several sound effects that are addressed in Henri Bok's PhD research.

Catalina Vicens

docARTES researcher Catalina Vicens will be Gothic Organ teacher at 16. Etappe für Alte Musik auf Burg Fürsteneck.

  • 4-6 March 2016 – Burg Fürsteneck, Eiterfeld, Germany

Also taking place in March is the première of the re-construction of Reuchlin's polyphonic cantillation (1518) by Ensemble Servir Antico, directed by Catalina Vicens.

Catalina Vicens will perform a harpsichord recital at the Thomas Strange Historical Keyboard Collection.

  • 18 March 2016 – Thomas Strange Historical Keyboard Collection, Easley, South Carolina, USA 

At the end of the month, Catalina is a jury member at the Jurow International Harpsichord Competition

  • 21-24 March 2016 – Oberlin College, Ohio, USA

She will also perform a lecture-recital at the Historical Society of North America Conference.

  • 22 March 2016 – Oberlin College, Ohio, USA

Patrizia Bovi

docARTES researcher Patrizia Bovi will perform and direct the programme Lucrezia, with Ensemble Medusa, at the Philharmonie de Paris.

  • 12 March 2016, 18.00 hrs – Philharmonie de Paris, Paris, France

Patrizia Bovi is directing and performing the programme Carnavalesque, on early sixteenth-century music in Venice, with the ensemble Micrologus at Festival del Centro Histórico in Mexico City.

  • 15 & 16 March 2016, 20.00 hrs – Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México, Mexico City, Mexico

k.g. Guttman

In May, 2016, PhDArts researcher k.g. Guttman performs at Musée d'art de Joliette as part of the exhibition 'Stéphane Gilot – Le catalogue des futurs'. k.g. Guttman's work will respond to the museum's collection, through tactics of critical analysis and performative staging.

  • 19 February - 4 September 2016 – Musée d'art de Joliette, Québec, Canada

Andrea Stultiens

PhDArts researcher Andrea Stultiens, together with HIPUganda, presents the exhibition City Remixing. The exhibition presents photographs made of and in Uganda's capital city Kampala through time, as seen by 5 different photographers.

  • 4 March - 2 April 2016 – Makerere University Art Gallery, Kampala, Uganda

Lilo Nein

PhDArts researcher Lilo Nein realizes the lecture-performance Die Lust Am Text in collaboration with philosopher Peter Zeillinger and choreographer/performer Lisa Hinterreithner.

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