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Surya Tjandra defends his Ph. D thesis ‘Labour Law and Development in Indonesia’ on 4 February 2016

In his thesis Tjandra analuses the development of labour law in Indonesia. He focusses on the developments after the fall of the Soeharto regime (1998), the so called reformasi period.

Three case studies, on trade unions’ rights, minimum wage and adjudication of labour cases by specialized courts, Tjandra researches the development of (legal) protection of workers in Indonesia. According to Tjandra, the development of a trade union movement makes one hopeful for sound and effective labour law in Indonesia, nothwithstanding the huge difficulties that still have to be overcome.

Surya Tandjra is lecturer at  Atma Jaya Catholic University (Jakarta) and Director of the NGO Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC). Prof. mr. Heerma van Voss is thesis supervisor (promotor), prof. Bedner (Van Vollenhoven Instituut) is co-supervisor (co-promotor).

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