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Progress Wijnhaven Project

You can follow the construction of the Wijnhaven quarter in The Hague, where the Faculties of Governance and Global Affairs and Humanities will hire the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, live via webcam.

The dismantling and demolition of the former ministry is almost ready, as is the asbestos removal.

Since per 1 October 2014 an agreement was reached with those who objected to the issued construction permit, the demolition and asbestos removal of the outer façade may start now as well.

In the meantime the building specifications for the hull have been approved by the property developer Proper Stok (Heijmans), investor Achmea and tenant Leiden University, so that the assembly of the concrete frame can be taken up immediately.

The final design of the interior is almost ready. Only the facilities of the third and fourth floor of the lower construction, being the office floors where the research organization and the faculty bureau will be housed, have to be definitely adopted by steering committee and College Board. The idea is to furnish these floors according to the concept of Flexible Learning, Educating and Working.  (“the New Way of Working”).

With regard to the furnishing of the ground floor, second and third floor the preparations for the building specification have started.

For now, the university assumes that the completion and taking into use of the Wijnhaven complex will be realized in October 2016. The construction of the Wijnhaven quarter in The Hague can be followed live via webcam

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