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10 February: wear something warm!

The University is taking part in the National Warm Sweater Day on 10 February and the heating will be turned down in many buildings. Make sure you wear something warm!

Saving the environment

After last year's success, Leiden University is taking part in the National Warm Sweater Day again this year. 'It's the ideal opportunity to raise awareness of how you can contribute to saving the environment by using less gas,' commented Jeroen Waijenberg, Energy & Sustainability Coordinator for Leiden University.  On 10 February the heating in many university buildings will be set several degrees lower than normal.  

Lower the heating in your own office

For technical reasons it is not possible to lower the heating in all the University's buildings from a central point, but there are many places where staff can turn down the heating themselves. 'It would be great if that happened everywhere,' said Waijenberg.


Waijenberg will be measuring the benefits of participating in Warm Sweater Day and these will be included in a national savings campaign, the results of which will be announced shortly after February.  Curious about how to lower your energy bill at home? Specialists will be on hand in various faculties in the early morning of 10 February to give you some tips. 

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