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Formal handling over of the keys of the Science Campus

The formal handing over of the keys for the first stage of the Science Campus will take place on 23 February.

Open for viewing on 1 March 2016

We can imagine that you are curious about our new building, and are therefore pleased to invite you to come and take a look on Tuesday 1 March. The building will be open that day from 09.00 hrs. to 12.00 hrs. and from 13.00 hrs. to 14.45 hrs. at the latest. The building has to be completely evacuated again by 15.00 hrs. to comply with safety regulations. You can visit the building at your convenience, or take part in an organised guided tour.  


Three tours will be organised every hour starting at 09.00 hrs.  Each tour can take a maximum of 20 people (staff and/or students). The tours will start at 09.00 hrs., 10.00 hrs., 11.00 hrs., 13.00 hrs. and 14.00 hrs. and will last approximately three-quarters of an hour.  If you would like to take part in one of the tours, please register by filling in the form.

Route to Science Campus

You can enter the new building via the connecting corridor on the first floor of the LMUY  building. To find this corridor, follow the yellow dotted line from the reception in the Gorlaeus Lab or from the lifts on the first floor of the Huygens building (just after the Precision Engineering Department).

Extra opening hours

We will try to organise extra opening hours for the new building for people who are interested in taking a look but who are not able to do so on 1 March. This will depend on the progress made with completing the outstanding work and the fitting out of the new building. As soon as a new date has been planned, we will let you know.


Even once the keys to the new building have been handed over, safety requirements mean that staff and students will not have free access to the building. The initial period after the hand-over will be used to complete any remaining work, to fit out the building and to allow the internal emergency services team to carry out exercises in the building and to become familiar with the new premises.

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