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Philosopher and former professional football player: interview with Martine Prange

Martine Prange isn’t just an academic lecturer at the Institute for Philosophy; she is also a former professional football player. She is currently studying the social impact of women’s football in the Netherlands. Marjolein Overmeer from Kennislink interviewed Martine Prange about the current state of women’s football.

The whole interview with Martine Prange can be found at Kennislink.

Creative conflict

“Sport is a form of what I call ‘creative conflict,” Prange said during the interview. “Out on the pitch, you literally and figuratively clash with your opponent.”

Though the Dutch women’s national football team qualified for the World Cup, women’s football is really not taken seriously in the Netherlands. Prange: “Girls and women playing football are faced with social resistance when they step off the pitch. Football has always mainly been a club for the boys. It’s changing now, albeit slowly, so I want to find out what acceptance on the pitch means for developing talented girl players."

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