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In Memoriam: Christiaan van Gorkum

Christiaan van Gorkum passed away on 30 October 2015.

“Sorry guys, but we have to discuss this in Dutch”. Something that Christiaan could have said. He sometimes had so much to say. Then he looked at you with that spark in his eyes: “Or I am going out of bounds now?”.

Christiaan van Gorkum

Christiaan was a real entrepreneur. He wanted to make a difference, to create, and foremost create things that would connect and empower people. If SBB hadn’t already existed, he would have thought of it. Science Café Leiden, BètaBanenMarkt, Life, Natuurwetenschappelijk Gezelschap Leiden. He was contributing so much to so many things. He thought that it yet wasn’t enough and created ScienceMeetsBusiness Café. A unique initiative with a big effect for which we and many others are very grateful. Invaluable also for SBB, which he studied with heart and soul, and which he helped build into what it is today. So many contributions that we will continue to see in our daily work and will never forget.

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