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Sarah de Rijcke new member of Science in Transition

Science in Transition joins an international chorus that points out flaws in the science system and aim for change in the governance of science.

Sarah de Rijcke

Science in Transition is a Dutch initiative in which an interdisciplinary group of scientists address the current state of the higher education system in the Netherlands and abroad through conferences, media appearances, policy briefs and scientific analyses. Central to the Science in Transition analysis is the realization that we need new rewards and incentives for scientists, and we should involve societal stakeholders in setting research agendas.

Negative effects

Current incentives combined with hyper-competition for limited funds have severe negative effects:

  • many publications or poor quality and limited societal impact,

  • risk aversion and avoiding complex,

  • multidisciplinary problems; systematic under-appreciation of education and other academic duties; poor career perspectives for young scientists.

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