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Close call for Leiden Law team

The LLM Advanced International Civil and Commercial Law programme (ICCL) got off to a successful start last year. As a result of the academic bonds forged between staff and students Ilya Kokorin (ICCL student 2014-15) and Jeroen van der Weide (ICCL lecturer) took part in a competition for best comparative and legal work to be published in 2015 in the A-ranked Russian Law Journal.


The research had to be conducted in co-authorship by a Russian and non-Russian scholar of high academic standing in terms of (international) citations and publications. In their article ‘Force Majeure and Unforeseen Change of Circumstances. The Case of Embargoes and Currency Fluctuations (Russian, German and French Approaches)’ Ilya Kokorin and Jeroen van der Weide addressed the topical issue of trade embargoes, currency fluctuations and judicial revision of contracts. They not only analysed the subject matter from a private law perspective, but also in view of historical, economic and cultural factors by using the so-called ‘Hofstede index’. The outcome of the competition was a close call: the Leiden team missed the first prize by one vote.

Please click here for the article in pdf.


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