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The Jouke de Vries Research Grant is an initiative to mark the important role that its namesake Professor Jouke de Vries has held for many years at Campus The Hague, initially as Scientific Director and later as Dean of the Faculty.

With his finely honed skill in balancing both theory and practice and his impeccable appreciation of the societal context of Campus The Hague, he has overseen a period of enormous progress in the development of teaching and research at the second location of Leiden University.


PhD research

Leiden is a classical university that, with the establishment of Campus The Hague, is now spread over two locations. The two cities are very distinct from one another. The question is whether the presence of Leiden University in The Hague will attract additional groups of students to study at Leiden University. Is Leiden University exploiting all the opportunities available in the multicultural city of The Hague? Is the University‚Äôs diversity policy well developed in The Hague and is the University successful in its aim of creating a university campus with a predominantly international population? 

The Jouke de Vries Research Grant is being set up to enable a young PhD candidate at Campus The Hague to conduct PhD research on this question. The research will generate concrete recommendations. Professor Jouke de Vries will be a member of the PhD Committee.

Want to support this initiative?

You can support the Jouke de Vries Reseach Grant by making a contribution via: 

Jouke de Vries Research Grant, NL21 RABO 0101314140 in the name of Leiden University, reference Campus The Hague.


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