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TOP Grant NWO for Prof. Dr. Aad van der Vaart and Dr. Robin de Jong

OP Grants NWO are awarded to 16 scientists in astronomy, computer science and mathematics, or a combination of these disciplines (multidisciplinary) by NOW Exact Sciences. The scientists received a total amount of 6 million euros.

The TOP Grants programme aims to strengthen or renew challenging and innovative lines of research. In the projects funded, new lines of research are pursued or new partnerships are entered into. The projects take place within different scientific areas. The TOP Grants are divided in 2 compartments, Compartment 1 for senior scientists with an excellent track record and outstanding scientific research in the last decade, within wich Prof. Dr. Aad van der Vaart received a TOP Grant for his research ‘Causal Discovery from High-Dimensional Data in the Large-Sample Limit’ a co-research in cooperation with Radboud University. Compartment 2 intends to stimulate young researchers who are at the beginning of their career. Herein Dr. Robin de Jong received a TOP Grant for his research ‘Refined tautological relations on muduli spaces of curves’.

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