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LeidenGlobal connects research and culture

On 27 November the official opening of LeidenGlobal will be celebrated in the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde/National Museum of Ethnology. LeidenGlobal is a platform for global expertise that responds to the call from Minister of Education and Culture Jet Bussemakers that academic and cultural institutions should combine forces and resources.


Due to changing funding for cultural and research institutes, new forms of cooperation are being created. In Leiden this has brought together Leiden University, National Museum of Ethnology, Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, African Studies Centre, The Royal Netherlands Institute for Southeast Asia and Caribbean Studies, the International Institute for Asian Studies, the Netherlands Institute for the Near East, and the Roosevelt Study Centre under the banner of LeidenGlobal.

EXPERT Database

For the media LeidenGlobal has set up a database that gathers together the names and contact details of experts, organised according to their regional interest. In 2014 the database will also be searchable according to subject-area. The experts are all associated with LeidenGlobal partners.

How do you 'map' scholars? 

The world is on the move.

It always has been, but globalization and (new) media are driving the message home. The West and the Rest no longer make sense. What does the Netherlands know about all the elsewheres? Whose language does it speak? How should it engage with today’s world? And what can scholars contribute, inside their libraries, classrooms, and museums – and outside, in other settings?

Through LeidenGlobal, academic and cultural institutions connect with local communities, media, government, business, and NGOs. We want to raise the impact of scholarship across the board, from cultural events and public debate to government policy and education. We know about Africa, Asia & Oceania, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East, North America, Russia & the Caucasus, and the Circumpolar Regions. We work on themes ranging from ancient trade networks to new

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