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IBL-contributions to HOVO-summer course on Ornithology

Herman Berkhoudt (former employee of the IBL, then EEW) organized the course, while Merijn de Bakker and Hans Slabbekoorn spoke about the latest insights in their disciplines.

HOVO stands for higher education for elderly people (“Hoger Onderwijs Voor Ouderen”). This service of the university concerns the organization of courses for interested people that have retired or that have at least the time and energy to satisfy their needs in extending their knowledge into specific topics.

Every year, a wide variety of topics is available and current or retired staff members of Leiden University usually play an important role in coordination and teaching. Herman Berkhoudt, was a well-known investigator of sensory capacities and functional morphology of birds. He received the student teaching award (Science Faculty Lecturer of the Year 2003) while still employed, and has been involved with HOVO-courses in Ornithology before and after his retirement.

This summer, Herman Berkhoudt organized a well-attended course in Ornithology again. IBL-contributions this year came from Merijn de Bakker, who spoke about the evolution of digit formation in birds, and Hans Slabbekoorn, who spoke about the evolution of birdsong and the role of environmental noise in tropical and urban environments. The course included indoor lectures, but also a visit to NCB Naturalis and an outdoor excursion.


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