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Annual IBL symposium about Biological Networks

On Friday the 6th of December, the annual symposium of the IBL was organized at the Buruma theatre (LUMC), Leiden. This year’s theme was “Biological Networks from Molecules to Society”.

The scientific meetings committee of the IBL organizes a big one-day symposium every year. The edition of last year had as a theme “Healthy Lives in a Changing World” and was a big success according to the many students, staff and visitors that were present during the day. The theme is always selected to allow many IBL-researchers of different clusters to present their latest and most exciting findings. This year’s theme “Biological Networks from Molecules to Society” was very attractive and stimulating again with the following key-note speakers that gave excellent talks:

Jonathan Gershenzon
Max Plank Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena

Alexander van Oudernaarden
Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht

Dan Andersson
Uppsala University, Sweden

Jacques Neefjes
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam


Download the full programme

For the location of the Buruma Theatre see the map below

The Buruma Theatre is located inside building 3 of the LUMC, most noticable because of the big golden dome, marked with the green A on the map.

Link to the IBL web page of the Scientific Meetings Commitee

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