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Stans Prize 2010

The ‘Stans Prize 2010’ has been awarded to Leontien Cenin and Lisanne Daniëlle Korpelshoek for their research on impacts of landuse on three migrant harriers in northern Cameroon.

Stans Prize

The Stans Prize is a yearly student incentive award for the best thesis, article or report produced by a CML student. Leontien and Lisanne wrote their reports for their bachelor study (Biology). 

The prize was presented at the CML New Year meeting on January 17, 2011. 
The students have given a small presentation about their research.


The research

Leontien and Lisanne had an important contribution to a 2-year study on migratory harriers on the Waza- Logone floodplains in northern Cameroon. Overall, the results showed an important effect of land use on foraging by harriers, which raises concerns about wintering populations of Palearctic harriers in the Sahel.

More information on the research is available in this pdf document.

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