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Computer Science: half in Beijing and half in Leiden

Leiden University and the Beijing Institute of Technology will be collaborating in the area of computer science teaching and research. One of the first outcomes of this collaboration will be a joint four-year bachelor's programme. Willem te Beest, Vice-President of the Executive Board, and Professor Shukang Yang, Vice-President of the Beijing Institute of Technology, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 26 October.

Double degree

Willem te Beest en Shukang Yang ondertekenen het MoU

The exact form of the collaboration will be worked out in more detail in the coming period. In particular the partners will work on a four-year bachelor's programme in Computer Science, where students will study for two years in Leiden and two years in Beijing. Graduates of the programme will receive a diploma both from Leiden University and from the Beijing Institute of Technology (a double degree). This is in line with the plans of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) to start an English-language bachelor's programme in Computer Science in addition to the current Dutch-language programme.

Master's programmes also on the horizon

As well as the co-operation within the bachelor's programmes, there are also plans for collaboration at master's level, with three Leiden master's programmes in Computer Science, ICT in Business and Media Technology, and with the graduate school for PhD candidates.

"Dutch students are more creative"

Both universities encourage their students to follow part of their study abroad. Leiden University also has a considerable numer of Chinese students, and an increasing number of Dutch students find their way to Beijing, where they make a positive impression. 'They are more creative than Chinese students!' according to Shukang Yang.

Exchange and collaboration

Leiden and Beijing aim to explore the opportunities for:

  • student and staff exchanges (both teaching and research)
  • research co-operation
  • joint academic and scientific activities, including conferences, courses and lectures
  • exchanging and sharing academic resources and publications

LIACS active internationally

This agremeent reflects Leiden University's strategic plans for further internationalisation. LIACS is already very active in the field of international education; the Institute has recently signed similar collaboration agreements with the Universities of Porto and Siena.

Best computer science programme

The Dutch bachelor's programme in Computer Science (Informatica) in Leiden has for the past three years been voted the best of its kind in the Netherlands. It has also been given the second highest rating for bachelor's programmes in the Netherlands, after Communication Sciences in Twente.

The Leiden bachelor's programme in Computer Science also offers a number of unique options. One example is the Computer Science and Economics track that will be offered at Campus The Hague in partnership with Erasmus University Rotterdam.



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