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Elsevierenquête: ‘Studenten beoordelen Universiteit Leiden als beste.’

Students awarded the highest scores to Leiden University and the Radboud University Nijmegen. These are the findings of an annual survey by Elsevier into the best study programmes in the Netherlands. Elsevier Magazine has a weekly readership of half a million, making it one of the most iinfluential Dutch weekly publications. Elsevier regularly publishes special editions, entitled Elsevier THEMA, on such subjects as fashion, living and, as in this case, education.

Eight programmes voted the best

The survey included an assessment of 38 bachelor's programmes and 33 master's programmes in the Netherlands. In total, eight Leiden bachelor's programmes gained the highest score among the students surveyed. The programmes are Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, English Language and Culture, Fiscal Law, History, Computer Science, Notary Law and Mathematics. Of the 17 Leiden bachelor's programmes surveyed, 12 were in the top three.  Five Leiden master's studies were surveyed, of which four were in the top three. Elsevier's conclusion: 'Leiden University and Radboud University Nijmegen have across the board the most satisfied students: eight programmes from both universities have been awarded top marks.'

Academic staff also voted

Professors and senior lecturers were also asked for their opinion. They judged the Leiden programmes in Religious Studies, Education and Child Studies and (once again) Mathematics as the best studies. And not only did the programmes do well, Leiden's lecturers also scored highly: they came out at the top of all the broad universities, according to the professors surveyed.


The survey was carried out by Researchned opinion research agency on behalf of Elsevier magazine. A total of 5,982 students were questioned about the quality of their study programme. The questions were mainly about the teaching, the lecturers and the examinations, but such aspects as the facilities, the organisation and communication were also included in the final assessment. The 2,090 professors and senior lecturers surveyed were asked which programme they considered the best in terms of the bachelor's/master's programme, the academic publications and the lecturers.

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