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Richard Gill appointed professor

As of July 1st, 2006 prof. dr. Richard D. Gill has been appointed professor in Mathematical Statistics at our institute, holding the position previously fulfilled by Prof. Sara van de Geer who went to Zurich. He has been at Leiden before, from 1986--1990 as extraordinary professor at a chair held by the Leiden Universiteits Fonds.

Prof. Gill, born in 1951, studied mathematics at Cambrdige. In 1974 he came to Holland and started working at the CWI. In 1979 he obtained his PhD degree at the VU with prof. Oosterhoff. In 1988 he was appointed professor in Stochastics at the University of Utrecht. Gill is advisor at EURANDOM in Eindhoven and has been member of the KNAW since 1999.

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