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Business Studies

Turnaround Management: Chair

The chair Turnaround Management is focused on research regarding reorganization and insolvency.

Unique to the stated focus is the emphasis on early recognition of symptoms and causes of business failure, as well as on factors leading to the success or failure of turnaround strategies. The motivation for the establishment of this chair at the Faculty of Law is that both in times of economic crisis as in booming times, many questions surrounding companies in financial difficulties exist, in particular on the issue of how bankruptcies can be prevented. This interest in business failure can partly be explained by the great economic and social importance of bankruptcies and mass layoffs.

Turnaround management as a scientific field of enquiry is looking for answers to questions such as how to prevent companies getting into trouble, what remediation measures are taken in practice and what problems typically occur in the process. The research chair is also focused on issues concerned with the efficiency of bankruptcy law and moratorium proceedings. It is pre-eminently an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented discipline in which topics such as strategic entrepreneurship, bankruptcy law, marketing, mediation and finance come together.

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