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British voters have had enough of Tory tinkering with rule of law

Dissatisfied with the Conservatives' attempts to pass laws through a legal loophole, many British voters will vote for Labour in today’s election according to Jorieke Manenschijn, a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Jurisprudence, on Dutch news site NU.nl.

The attempts have caused ‘much unrest in the political arena, because unwritten rules of conduct have been violated’, Manenschijn said. In particular, the plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda and limiting the right to demonstrate sparked tension. The Conservative government tried to implement these plans by bypassing parliament.

Jorieke Manenschijn is conducting research on the ways in which the democratic rule of law can be eroded by members of parliament or government, something witnessed in the United Kingdom and which British voters seem to have had enough of.  , She draws inspiration from British politics in her research. 

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Photo: John Cameron through Unsplash

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