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Meloni’s migration plan contrary to international law

Italy recently struck a deal with Albania to accommodate thousands of boat migrants in two reception centres in Albania. Is this not contrary to asylum law? Mark Klaassen, Assistant Professor in immigration law comments in a Dutch RTL news article.

The plan presented by Italian PM Meloni to Brussels, for boat refugees still at sea to be received in Albania, raises many questions within the European Union. Human rights organisations are also voicing concerns and fear poor living conditions, such as those seen in Greek reception centres.

Relocating the problem

The problem of how to act when a boat full of migrants is intercepted is a long-term and complex one, as Klaassen is well aware. 'The first step is to find a safe haven for migrants who run into trouble at sea. You could say that Albania is a safer country than the country the migrants left from, for instance Libya,' says Klaassen. All things considered, Klaassen fears that this is merely relocating the problem. ‘Perhaps Albania will soon be yet another country with an overburdened asylum system.’

Ball in European Commission’s court

Refugees who have already set foot on Italian territory are covered by the Dublin Regulation. They have the right to seek asylum in Italy and should not be moved to Albania, Klaassen adds. 

The European Commission will now have to make a final assessment of this plan.

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Photo: Christopher Eden via Unsplash

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